Thursday, December 2, 2010

New vendor for Metal Prints

When I first started selling metal prints I used Pounds Photo Labs. Great product, fantastic look, and a very reasonable price. But the selection of sizes was... limited. I then found Bay Photo Labs, which had the size selection I wanted, but their prices were noticeably higher, and the shipping charges were a bit higher than I wanted.

Enter Black River Imaging, which is giving me the price of Pounds Photo Labs at the selection of sizes of Bay Photo Labs, with a great price on shipping to boot.

And, right now, their metal prints are on sale at a great price, and I'm extending that great price to you! Order by December 24 to get this deal!
  • 8x12 for $35
  • 10x20 or 12x24 panoramic for $45
  • 12x18 for $45
  • 16x24 for $60
  • 20x30 giant for only $83!
Add-ons, it is HIGHLY recommended to order at least one add-on, offered at my cost:
  • Rounded corners for $3
  • Corner holes (4) for $7
  • Floating mount for $12


Add an event CD for an extra $30

Texas State Sales tax of 8.25% applies.

Sound like a great idea for Christmas, or just as a nice ending to the season? Browse my site at Mercury Photography for the image you want, decide what size and what options, and shoot me an email at I'll PayPal an invoice and place the order! But order soon before this sale goes away!

These are not my only sizes, so if you want a different size just give me a yell.

Bill Jurasz