Friday, October 15, 2010

Print On Metal - BIG SALE

Many of you have seen the sample print-on-metal I bring to Harris Hill Road. Everyone agrees it is a very impressive way to display a photograph. Very detailed, very vibrant. Modern and elegant, it looks great in the living room or study. It is also the most durable way to display a print, which also makes it great for the garage. Did it get dirty and dusty? No problem, just clean it with soapy water and dry it. Try that with a paper print!

They are expensive to have made, however. That increase in cost is relatively easy to justify since it is ready to hang - no frame to buy. And it also has that "wow" factor that makes it worth the cost. Several track customers agree, based on sales so far.

I love my vendor for these, but they only go up to 16x20 and I really would like to offer something larger. And I found a vendor who will go larger. The only caveat: they are more expensive than my current vendor. But, as I am a new client I am getting a discount on my first order, no matter its size.

I want to capitalize on this opportunity by offering a great one-time sale on metal prints. I will be accepting orders until October 31. Then I will place one large order to take advantage of this opportunity. Your patience with this time frame will be rewarded in a break in price.

Also, to keep the costs down I'm doing the orders through email and Pay Pal. This saves me the sales commission from Exposure Manager, another way to keep the cost to you down. Simply look up the images you want to purchase and give me the image name and the size you want. I'll send a Pay Pal invoice back to you.

12x18 - $66
16x24 - $107
20x30 - $146

Add $30 to include an Event CD.
Special effects, text, logos, etc. free of charge for this opportunity.

Sales tax extra. Shipping extra, to be billed separately after the order is placed. The shipping fee with depend on whether I ship to you, or whether you can pick it up locally in Austin.

Email me at for more details but hurry!