Friday, February 25, 2011

An update on me

My last blog post talked about why I've been away from the camera. Since that post I've had a successful surgery on the spinal column in my neck. The herniated disk has been repaired, and the actual surgery was not as bad as medical imaging had originally indicated. The surgery itself became 3.5 hours, instead of the planned 5.5 hours. That is really good news!

I'm now out of the neck brace and off pain medications. Sometimes a Tylenol, but some days nothing whatsoever. My neck movement is a bit restricted at the moment. I don't have full stamina yet but its not too bad and increasing every day. I'm technically recovering until late July and I am under some activity restrictions. But I have high hopes for a full recovery, minus some range of motion in the neck. We'll see, but maybe by September back to track photography. That is still up in the air.

I appreciate all the kind words and well wishes from everyone.

Stay tuned. In April I might have some photos from a private session. We'll have to see how quickly I get well enough to grab the camera again.