Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The camera has been down... :(

If you frequent my photography site, MercPhoto.ExposureManager.com, I thank you. And uou probably notice that there has not been any new photos in some time. Unfortunately a wrist injury kept me sidelined all of November and December, and is likely to continue through January.

The good news, its not carpal tunnel. Today (1/11) I had a neck MRI, hoping to find that its only a pinched nerve. If so treatment should be straight forward and hopefully I get back to the track photography soon!

All has not been qiet in Photographyland however! In December I was interviewed for a podcast and we talked about track photography. Check me out on iTunes and search for the Camera Campus podcast, or just go to www.cameracampus.com

I've also been doing more graphical design using existing photos and I've come up with some cool new stuff, including movie posters. Surf on over to:

Here's hoping to a speedy recovery and to new track photos soon!
Bill Jurasz
Mercury Photography

UPDATE JANUARY 21, 2011: Its more than a pinched nerve. I have a herniated disk in the neck that is pinching the spinal cord itself. Surgery scheduled for Monday the 24th. This means I'll be away from the track photography for quite a bit longer than I had originally hoped.